Documenting the worst of mankind…

I, for one, am glad to see that there is a “permanent” record of the idiocy of mankind. I mean seriously, if the internet is being broadcast out into space to satellites (which means it’s probably leaking to the beyond), some alien race is going to see it and think “These guys are brilliant! Let’s go take over them! It shouldn’t be hard, right?” In any case it’s always good for a laugh to have this site on a lazy summer afternoon:

Rapture Bombs

So in a previous post we mentioned how Mr. Harold Camping was incorrect with either his calculations or just his interpretation of scripture. Although we’re still here and the rapture didn’t happen yet, somethings did happen around his day. For instance, record breaking tornados in the mid US and he has started an internet meme of sorts…Rapture Bombs! Have you seen these things?! Quite comical, as long as you’re not easily offended. 

Seriously go to your favorite search engine (Google,,, whatever) and type in rapture bombs… better yet, let me do it for you! Click here: RAPTURE BOMB

See? We  even did that part for you! So have you done a rapture bomb? Or done some other comical photo?

Let us know, down below! (See what I did there?!) You could be the subject of our next post!

Things to remember

The funny thing about trying to start a presence online is that you really are best to just go with what you know. We at BitK have a huge variety of interests and it is our wish to put those together in a useful manner that will inform, educate and entertain. We will look at the way of properly managing our blog; if we know what we are doing it will be obvious if you come by often and read our posts. Please post a comment to let us know and help us build a better world. 🙂

It has passed…

Well, there you have it… check out the time stamp on this post. It’s past the time Mr Harold Camping has suggested (as a second guess) on the rapture/day of judgement. Secretly I wished him to be correct. What a thrill that would have been. Just goes to show that things are all planned out in a series of events that are not known or “calculable” by mankind but are meant to be.

Although there was an eruption of a volcano in Iceland (again) and there are some heavy rains causing mudslides throughout the globe, nothing else happened. No vanishing of 1/3 of the population for us to blame on alien abductions or anything to rock the boat. All this talk becomes a great reminder of what might be most important in life. Time to readjust our perspective? Have you done the things you want to do? Have you lived the way you want to? Have you focused on the things that matter or obeyed the golden rule? Have you made a decision that will save your soul (or not)? Time to change our career? Mend damaged relationships? Go to Disneyland Many questions, much thought, hopefully some good answers and decisions being made!

Speaking of decisions, in the morning I should probably pay those bills I’ve been putting off…


Well, this is it…the resistance is over. Although procrastination saps power this blog begins so that acceptance/completion brings relief!! Same amount of energy spent either way, one just ends on a happier note!

So here we are entering a new era, the era of winning and participation! The loss of privacy as we display for the world to see everything that we like, want, desire, enjoy and loath.

Privacy is over rated anyway, right? I think so. Besides success usually only occurs in private where failure happens in full view of all to see! Which makes for a good laugh.

Rambling on, we hope to provide weekly” rants” or opinions, and between the Bros in the Know and the Does in the Know we’ll have some good content! If you want to be a Bro or  Doe in the know, or have something to say drop us a line at TheBitK (at) Gmail and we’ll respond ASAP (Which usually means within 24 earth hours!)

Have yourself, the best day yet!