Ok this is madness!! Seriously! It’s a “whiteboard” where a set amount of random people can jump on and type, draw and share ideas… check it out: http://dolph.ca/flash/whiteboard4.swf Now with that being said, I’ve been getting “too many people” in the room so I can “just watch”. This might be a great way to share ideas and work at the office on projects… What are you thoughts?


Ladies: We want advise from a woman’s point of view as to what should be done in terms of gifts and surprises! Besides all the flowers (alergic) and bath stuff (prefers showers) what advice/ideas do you have?

Men: What have you done or expected to do for your wife/significant other? And to that extent, what has she done for you?

On both accounts, lets say you’ve got a whole litter of kids! How do you include them in “sweet things” and “surprises”?

Where the Complete Human Starts

The video above is a great place to start our journey to becoming a Complete Human. It is Bruce Lipton giving a lecture on real human biology. Now before you groan and look to click away I need to tell you that when I watch this video series, yes this is just the first of seven, I already knew some of it but his description and graphical demonstrations painted a clear picture of human genetic design. Each of the videos is about 10 minutes long and so it is an investment on your part to spend some of your valuable time to watch this very informative series, but there are few things that compare to gaining a clear understanding of the reality of your body’s function. I will post the rest of the series in following posts with a bit more commentary. So for now it is just a small time investment to have an eye-opening experience. If you watched first before you started to read then I applaud you and know that is was time well spent.

Stay tuned for the next in the series.


Here’s a video that (as of June 27th at 5PM EST) over eighty thousand of you have seen… and 49 didn’t like it, they’re probably farmers. In any case, it’s a little girl reporting her findings on an experiment about sprouting a sweet potato that she did with her grandma. In my childhood, I always remembered our family potatoes growing “eyes”… our potatoes were bought from regular grocery stores in the big city. That was in the 70’s & 80’s though so I guess things have changed.

Adding Chlorpropham (which isn’t in the spell-check dictionary apparently) to root vegetables seems to be a norm. Beet-Kleen, Bud Nip, Chloro IPC, CIPC, Furloe, Sprout Nip, Spud-Nic, Taterpex, Triherbide-CIPC and Unicrop CIPC whatever you call it, we’ll hear that it’s trouble in a few years, just like trans fats. I guess it makes the veggies last longer in the fridge. So, I guess for the busy folks (or those who aren’t near a store and not growing their own veggies) could be a good thing! Convenience or cancer… then again just breathing gives you cancer these days!

If you want to find out more about this farming chemical here’s a link (it’s worldwide):

Back in 1993 they found no harm in it, check out the following link: http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu/profiles/extoxnet/carbaryl-dicrotophos/chlorpropham-ext.html

In 1999, someone wrote a thesis on it:

Apparently there is a new study in the US about the chemical:

And Canada has it’s own new study about it here:

You’re best bet is to either build a bunker and hide in it, buy a retired Russian missile silo or head over to the underground tunnels in the new Denver airport…let us know how any of that goes for you! 🙂


I like YouTube, I like how I can’t get work done because I start to watch videos and then I’m sucked into the time void and come out around dinner time. I like how I complain about the time void but can’t seem to do anything about it! I like how I don’t have any self control to prevent me from surfing it. I like YouTube! Check out our favorites on our YouTube channel… what’s your favorite video our there? Dance evolution? Charlie bit me? David after the Dentist? Numa Numa? Are you sick of it all?

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Stanley cup Game 7 was last night, Vancouver Canucks vs. the  Boston Bruins. I must say well played Boston! However I wonder how much of prior games were/are staged? That’s right, we’re going there! I wonder if at some point a coach said, ” Ok guys, loosen your skates for the next couple games so you don’t play as well so we’ve got more games, a few more seat sales and (as the coach) I can make more money! Kapish!?”

There’s a lot of money to be made in parking tickets, seat sales, hotdogs and advertising! A conspiracy theory to consider!? I think so, but I’m sure Hockey is no more staged then… say… Hulk Hogan or The Rock.

Do you have an opinion? Please keep it “family friendly” and let us have it!

360 movies

Sweet Mother of Man! 3-d step aside! Here is the next big thing! A movie shot in a 360 degree angle. It’s pretty epic, you could watch the same movie a dozen times and see a different thing each time! In the example on the link below it’s a snow boarding/skiing video. Careful where you’re looking! You’ll miss a wipe out or a sweet jump! Imagine some epic battle from 300 or Narnia filmed in this! Check out the link below…


Weird things are happening!

There you have it folks… the earth is getting angry! Wildfires in North America, volcanoes in Chile (was in Iceland), angry folks in the middle east…what’s next? Wild animals…oh wait Elephants already attacked in India! Seriously peeps, go dig your bunker it’s go time! What weird things have you been seeing/noticing? Let the world know! post a comment under here!! (There needs to be a down arrow symbol don’t you think?… like these ones: <^> only down…)

The Complete Human

Hey All,

We are starting a new series here at the BitK titled “The Complete Human”. This serie will hopefully branch into a semi permanent, of fully permanent, part of this blog and also our website, www.brosintheknow.com.

In the series we will be looking at all areas of what it takes to fully acess the complete human experience. Some of the sections to look forward to are Psychology, Physiology, Spirituality, Cognitive Science, subsections of these and many, many more. I cannot wait to start this new series as it is a huge personal interest for me.

The information will be informative, clearly presented and above all useful in your attempt, at any level, to access the full experience of being a complete human. Thank you for spending your time with us.