Now I know that I’m going to  possibly cross a line here announce something without checking with the rest of the team, which could get me into heaps of trouble! But we want to start it anyway! So here we go…announcing the:

Penny Per Person on the Planet Project!!!

This is a quest, a project if you will, to receive a penny per person on the planet! That’s right, 6 billion pennies 9and counting)! Now we don’t expect a physical penny from every person on the planet, but one through PayPal is fine! And since there are a few million (billion?) who don’t have computers so you might want to donate some extra for them! 🙂 In any case, tell your friends and leave you name when donating! We’ll see if we can get a list of all the people in the world (well a bunch anyway).

If you’d like to help out/participate you can either go to

Bros In The Know PayPal Account and donate

Or you could check out our website:



So where have we been? I know, I know it’s been a month since the last posting! Between holidays/vacation time around the office here and work… it’s been hard to get some time to Blog. In any case here is something that we found recently, check it out… we have to admit that this fella is brilliant! I know the machine is dependent on the humidity in the air but if it’s able to pull a gallon of water out of the air every few hours… apocalyptic underground living is well within grasp for everyone! Not just the president!

Mr LeBlue here has quite possibly solved a world wide issue with drought/clean water. But seriously! Willie Nelson owns 50 of them! Craziness!