I’m not really one bit short…really.

These are the ramblings of someone who has sometimes been considered to be one bit short of a byte… by some people. Now this isn’t always the case but some people think so. I’m not medically short one bit, or chemically, scientifically, socially or even intellectually.

So, here we are at the beginning of this aimless blog of ramblings. I’d love to do one of these daily but life is too hectic for that, so this will be so incredibly random and inconsistent for posts that I bet no one will comment or even read this. Comment would you?

It would be good for my self-esteem. Thanks for your kindness.

Technically this is post #3

Good day to you friends! how’s your weather? Still waiting for Summer weather or are you already wishing for fall? Can’t wait for the pool/lake/ocean to warm up? It’ll come, chillax! So the other day I saw a video by Rebecca Black called Friday (orignal video here: http://youtu.be/CD2LRROpph0, yes I did just post a link, the Search Bots are gonna love that!) … amazing video! Amazing that, for a birthday present she got to “ACT” like a rock star for a day then, without doing much extra, ended up a rock star! Glee even did the song! 5 stars for her success! Now when watching the video (Which has  millions views by the way) we notice that the dislike vs like ” meter” is weighted heavily in the “dislike”. This would appear to be a large portion of cyberspace troll/haters that are a little jealous of her success! No?

An observation about the haters… with the anonymity of cyberspace allowing people to say things that they’d never say in real life unless they were standing behind a 900 pound gorilla body guard.  Astounds me that comments thrown onto the inter-webs are so harsh…in fact it has been rumored that Rebecca Black has/will donate some of the funds (made through this gnarly opportunity) to help with the Earthquake relief in Japan and towards music schools!


Poor Rebecca has dropped out of school and is now being home schooled, because people are silly! Come on really? Is this really worth being mean to the gal about? Must be jealous of her success! I don’t remember anyone being mean to Paris Hilton when she because successful for…successful for…um…why is she successful again? Oh ya she’s an heiress to the hotel mogul. In any case Rebecca got paid half a million to appear in Katie Perry’s TGIF video! Isn’t that wild?

Video got pulled from YouTube by Rebecca s lawyers… money makes people angry doesn’t it?