Stumbled upon an article today called “7 manly things we wish men still did”. On a pink colored webpage. I know the link says 8 manly things… anyway, it’s an interesting read… As a gentlemen I tend to agree with every single thing mentioned here. REAL men do these things, it’s called chivalry. However chivalry seems to be dying… there was a movement awhile back that sort of shot chivalry down. I’ll mention it later…

The items listed in the article are:
Move Out Of Their Mothers’ Houses – In this day and age, living with your parents (or roommates in general) is how you can afford a retirement plan, or even afford to eat! With that being said, if you’ve never moved out, you’re probably loaded!

Insist On Paying The Bill – Since you live with your parents, you better be picking up the tab, man. Seriously though, the whole “women liberation” movement damaged this for all women. The “lady-lib” movement causes men to second guess offering to pick up the tab. There’s a large portion of ladies out there who complain and whine about them being able to handle themselves and/or want to be treated equally.

Dialing Our Number – Voice calls are very nice! It’s easy and quick to plan out a date on the phone. Make a call, have to agree with this gents. And for our 2 bits, don’t text during a real life conversation! And especially not at a meal. Who will setup the etiquette? It needs to be done!

Hold The Door Open For A Stranger – I do this, I also catch all kinds of flak from the “independent” ladies, this is something else that has been damaged by that movement. “YOU THINK I’M TO WEAK TO OPEN THE DOOR MYSELF?!” No lie, got asked that the other day…

Keep Us Warm – This is definitely a nice gesture. It falls into the category of holding the umbrella when it rains, or getting a blanket for her to use while snuggling on the couch watching a movie, that’s right just WATCHING.

Help Us With Our Bags – This is a given, if the “man” doesn’t help with the bags, he’s not a Man! Although, it’s a scary thought to think that men are physically stronger, careful, treading close to starting a fight on “lady-libs”.

Having A Signature Aftershave – We all have run into situations where we’re unable to wear cologne (or scented products) due to allergies that people have. How many people work in scent free environments, I do.

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