Husbands, tell you wife…

That means I missed both postings in November…shame, shame.

What is going on?! Where did November go? Seriously! Too much going on. In fact this time of year is so full of parties or plays, rehearsals or shopping… it’s no wonder we all have trouble talking to people in general let alone each other!

I found this article on CNN that talks about some things that husbands WANT to tell their wife/spouse/significant other but DON’T. I read through it, and maybe I’m not normal (maybe even onebitshort of a byte) but I do say these things to my wife. And she often brushes them off. I know she hears me and I know that she enjoys hearing these things even if she doesn’t let on.

Men, have a read. Your lady will thank us here at BrosInTheKnow for pointing you in this direction, open up. Hope you had a great November!