Bread renamed

Best story on the internet right now…here’s the story summed up.

A little girl named Lily Robinson (age 3.5) wrote a letter to the bakery at her local supermarket in London. The bakery is part of Sainsbury’s Supermarket LTD. She asked why Tiger bread was called Tiger bread and not Giraffe bread (because it looks more like giraffe then tiger). The customer manage,r Chris King (who is 27.33 years old) wrote back letting the little girl know she’s brilliant and that the bread does in fact look more like a giraffe than a tiger.

Here’s what the bread looks like (even has the name changed on it)!

Great observation Lily! In fact, Chris King agreed so much, that the bread should have its name changed!

This is the type of thing that gives us hope in humanity! I mean, five stars for Chris King for,
A. having a heart/sense of humor,
B. caring enough to write back (and reward the little girl for making a comment)
C. Being a gentleman and a scholar and
D. Following through on his word!

I think a trip to Sansbury’s Supermarket is in store! Let head over, shake Chris King’s hand (or give him a fist bump), buy some fresh Giraffe bread and enjoy!

If he ever runs for a political position, he’s got my vote!

Thanks to for showing this to us!