The Great Pork Shortage Of 2012

So, here’s a conspiracy for you!!! Lets say that pork sales are down, what can you do to increase those? Supply and demand rules would state that there needs to be a shortage! What do we have? A pork shortage! So, go buy your bacon (Canadian, back, etc.) and all other pork products* so that the pork folks can laugh all the way to the bank! We’ll all see in a few months that perhaps there was no pork shortage after all  Unless there was some bacteria found in a processing plant, then we’d really have a problem!


*Pork Products include but are not limited to:
Ham, Chops, Bacon, Hock, Loin, Butt (he he…butt), Roast, Prosciutto, Canadian, Back, Kevin.


So on September 7, 1978,  Georgi Markov who was a Bulgarian Dissident Writer was at a London bus stop when felt a “bug bite”. Turns out he  was shot in the leg by an umbrella-gun loaded with a ricin poison laden bullet.Three days later he died. All done in public and in secret. It also appears that there was an assassin attempt on a french Dissident Writer (Vladimir Kostov) also, only 10 days earlier. But this fella was wearing a thick winter coat, saving his life. Quite interesting… mayhaps there is some truth to some of these conspiracy theories after all? You decide! Leave a comment below or a link to another great story!