Are We Just Energy

It seems like a solid question to ask, “Are we just energy”.

The scientific community is discovering new understandings every day which push the envelope of the discoveries they made, sometimes, just the day before. We are moving quickly into an almost chaotic state of discovery. I remember being seven and discovering new things every day, but fundamental beliefs in what makes up the universe starts to play with the meaning of life and what happens when we die.

It seems hard to believe that everything is just made up of vibrations and that science tells us that a single particle can actually be in two places at the same time, supposedly even millions of miles away. We truly do not know what we are playing with when we look into what we are. If we are just energy or vibrations and thoughts are just energy or vibration it almost makes sense what was said in belief systems like The Secret.

We all know, to some degree, that we are able to effect our lives simply by changing our mental state. We have heard of the people who decide they are going to do something and even if it doesn’t happen in a few days they hold strong to their new belief and sure enough it becomes their reality. I don’t like the approach of information like The Secret in that they lay out that change your mindset and the money will come. This type of power should not be used for selfish gain. The goal should be more one of the place you want to be in life with all the details. I don’t want to get too down on The Secret, I know they say this kind of thing in there, but I can’t help but be left with the idea dream of the money and it will magically appear.

We here at BrosInTheKnow, or the bitk, are going to put this idea to the test. It seems logical that if we are energy and our minds control this energy with our thoughts. We should be able to measure our improvement in an area by changing our mental position and believe that this will bring about the desired results and measure these results. I like this. Everyone should try this. So we will come up with a goal and a plan. If you would like to test this out we would love to hear all about it. That way we have even more evidence to claim what is really going on here. The plans to test this will be coming out in the next couple of days. So be sure to check it out, and to think a possible major life change came from the simple question of are we just energy. Thanks for your time.

Enjoy your day! RT of the bitk


Well Google has done it again. Check out this nerd-a-rific link and get your geek on! Seriously fantastic info here!

I hope to one day be part of their team. Hire me Google. Thanks in advance.

50 Grams

50 Grams

Today I learned (TIL) that the internet is weighs about the same as a strawberry! This fascinates me! All this information and it weighs 50 grams! I wonder how much human thought weighs?

A blue berry? A cantaloupe? An elephant? What do you think?


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you with your new word of the day: “urban outdoors man” –politically correct term for a homeless person, i.e. a bum. – Post by Victor, Honorary Bro in the Know.

This brings us to another question… when has “political correctness” gone to far? I mean really! I heard today that an acquaintance of mine got in trouble at a restaurant for asking for “brown” bread! Shame on you! It’s called multi-grain or wholewheat! Seriously?

How about this one! Men hold doors open for women? Are you being chivalrous or chauvinistic? What do you think? Leave a comment below or shoot us an email: Brosintheknow@gmail.

Cheap Class?

So I found this site called and you type in an idea you have and click “Swap”. Then you get to see someone elses idea. My idea was for a mobile slush machine at concerts or summer venues. I’d love to have one of those! 🙂 That might be pretty expensive to make though. In any case, this was an idea that showed up for me: Cut the collar off an old shirt, and use it when you want to look more dressed up (i.e. under a sweater)

Would that work? How much “collar” would you need to cut off to make it work?! If you’ve done this or can vouche for it’s effectiveness at looking “classy”, send us a note, add a comment!

For the record, there was also an ideaswap that said, “Copy someone else”, funny.

Silly Apple Maps

Well, we’re all well aware of the fact that Apple maps wasn’t quite what we all had hoped. Luckily for me, I live in a major centre so I was able to navigate the maps quite nicely. There was an “I’m sorry” letter written by the CEO Tim Cook expressing his heartfelt apology for the botch. Here’s a link to that letter. In any case, the most peculiar twist to this letter is a hint that the launch of iOS Maps was rushed. Even though Apple still had a year in their contract with GoogleMaps. This begs the question, why not just use the year to finish up the app correctly? Unless someone was going to get fired anyway and this could “seal the deal”.