To Space!

So Axe has this contest going right now that is all about voting to get someone into space. You could vote for me here:

But why would you want to vote for me?! Great question! Maybe you shouldn’t, except… I need your help. I can’t do this without the help of ALOT of people. I don’t know A LOT of people, just a bunch of people and their numbers are not large enough. I tried it with a Doritos commercial a couple of years ago and finished in the top third, not bad though.

No one can harness the power of Social Media, I realize that. This is a wild beast that does what it wants, when it wants.

Now, I want to request your help! Tell your friends who could tell their friends and so on! You may not know what kind of power you have, but in the world of Social Media, a single vote can start a snowball effect of awesomeness!!! Please click on the link above or type in in your browsers address bar! Please leave a note/comment below so I know who to thank!