Pamphlet Observations

Well I’ve had one jim dandy of an experience tonight! I just got back from 2 hours of handing out fliers looking for votes for SpaceLuke. Well did we ever experience a wild variety of folks.

Some folks, it seems, are programmed to just say no to a flier. It was almost as if people assumed that I was going to ask for loose change or something. All I was doing was asking them to vote for me! Have a laugh at me in a couple funny videos and maybe even take a picture with me. Oddly enough over the 2 hours there were 3 photos taken, 2 by completely random folks and 1 from a sister of a friend.

Additionally there was a group that made sure not to make eye contact with me, which was probably a good move on their part as I would approach anyone who made eye contact and ask them for a vote and handed them a flier.

Another set of people where super stoked to help out! There was the odd person who seemed really excited and would even talk to their friends about voting for me.

Then there’s the classic “nope I don’t want to do anything for anyone, so I’ll just make fun of this guy”. Oddly enough a couple folks would chortle out some sort of “well you’re useless on this planet now”. Kind harsh, but  I hope they were just joking and aren’t really like that. If they are like that, I feel pity for them.

To wrap up the evening, a security guard came out and very bluntly said, “stop handing out that crap. You need to leave.” To which I said, “I’m just trying to get some support for my dream!” I should have burst into tears at that point and blamed him for all my failures.

Here’s hoping I get at least 10% response rate!

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Discouraged Perfectionist take 2

OK so here’s the follow-up. For starters, the first post about me being a discouraged perfectionist, wasn’t perfect enough so I have to do a second post (see what I did there? *snicker, snicker*). In any case I didn’t mention how I found out I’m a discouraged perfectionist… so here it is. We got a book called The Birth Order Book by Dr. Kevin Leman and in it was an incredible amount of information! I’m a firstborn child and in reading about it I find that of the first 23 astronauts in outer space  – 21 first born and 2 only children. If you’ve read any of my other posts or followed us on Twitter, you may recall that presently I’m trying to win a contest to get into space! Vote here: and feel free to laugh at my videos on our YouTube channel Firstborn, right here!

Ok back to the post, let’s take a look at Dr. Leman’s first-born child description/typical characteristics: perfectionist, reliable, conscientious, list-maker, well-organized, critical, serious, scholarly, goal-oriented, achiever, self-sacrificing, people-pleaser, conservative, supporter of law and order, believer in authority and ritual, legalistic, loyal and self-reliant. Dr. Leman also says, “Life is real and life is earnest for the first-born individual. He or she isn’t much for surprises. First-borns prefer to know what’s happening and when. They thrive on being in control, organized and on time.”

If you know me (which is incredibly unlikely since no one actually reads this stuff right?) not much of that is actually me, however, there is an interesting phenomenon that occurs in some firstborns that is called the “discouraged perfectionist.” Now this is what REALLY matches me.

The discouraged perfectionist: consciously or not — has set the bar high. If they perceive that they are not meeting this golden standard, they begin to feel like a failure. In chapter 5 Dr. Leman states:

Discouraged perfectionists may act out of character — be sloppy, for example, but it is all a cover to hide their frustration with life’s less-than-perfect warts and bumps… Many discouraged perfectionists really have difficulties in handling time. They’re the expert procrastinators who sometimes do a little bit and then walk away from the task. They seem to be “either or” kind of people. When they’re running hot, watch out. They’ll trample you getting all that work done. But when they’re running cold, it’s tough to get them to move at all.

Frighteningly accurate actually! In any case, buck up fellow internet reader! Once we understand how we a designed to function, we can really make steps toward that stage of success that we want! Thanks for your time and thanks in advance for your votes! 🙂

Toyota Production System Principles

This is totally out of the norm for me but I’m going to post this because it makes me proud to be an owner of a Toyota Vehicle. Good job Toyota!


This is fantastic! This is worth posting/blogging by EVERYONE! Here’s Toyota helping out and showing off their fantastic TPS (Toyota Production System) working in more than just production. Thumbs up for you Toyota, creators of the Swagger Wagon!

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Discouraged perfectionist, you say?

ImageWell I just learned something the other day! I’m a discouraged perfectionist (DP)! You sure couldn’t tell by how I keep my desk (at home OR at work), or bedroom, or garage or… the point is I’ve got a mess of “stuff” but I’ve got an idea of what pile to look for it if I (or you) need something! This fascinates me as I now begin the pursuit of understanding myself better and possibly even what work/career best fits my personality style. I’m not saying I want a test that says, “Congratulations! You get to be a coal miner.” or something along those lines but if my personality type doesn’t fit with, say a librarian job, I’d like to know so I don’t have to “find out the hard way”. 

So explain what a DP is – Someone with all of the same type-A tendencies of the perfectionist, BUT they tend to make “all or nothing” decisions. DP’s even tend to say that if they can’t make it perfect they don’t want to do it at all! (all or nothing, see?)  So DP’s often choose nothing, which is too bad! It’s better to fail at something than to never try it. You see, success is just going from failure to failure (until you win big) without looking enthusiasm!

I’ve got a rule, “you can’t say you don’t like something until you’ve tried it, at least twice” This is good because everyone deserves a second chance! Maybe the chef at that new restaurant was having a bad day or you just don’t have the hang of curling so give it another go. Although, if you mess up skydiving, that might be your only shot at it. What I’m trying to say, is that you need to try things more than once before you kibosh it.

So there is no point to this post but to let you, the reader, know that I found something out about myself. How weird/lame is that? Also, if you haven’t voted for this Canadian to go to space, you should:

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