The term Homophobia offends me.

I think I’m going to get into some serious trouble with this comment but I’m making a stand.

I’m offended by the word homophobic. I’m offended to be CALLED homophobic. In fact I’m offended that anyone would suggest that I am! Maybe the correct term should be anti-homo, contra-homo[con-homo?] or homo-opposed.

I’m NOT scared of homosexuality. But I will say I don’t agree with it. It’s an unhealthy lifestyle choice. Exit only boys…

You see, you need an egg and a sperm to keep making new people. Both genders are required to function together. Feel free to be friends with a same gender person. Go out for wings or coffee and watch movies together, you just don’t need to play tonsil hockey with that same gender person.

Boys are keys, girls are locks. 2 keys don’t accomplish much/anything,  2 locks don’t do anything either.

Just be friends. Fulfill your needs without a sexual act. It takes self-control, just like over eating. But with practice and determination you can win.

Is Voice the “new” touch!?

I’m not 100% sold on that. There is no privacy with Voice. At least with touch you’re able to do what you need to do without your commuter neighbors being nosey or disrupting their much-needed morning naps. Granted voice in the privacy of your home/bathroom/den/closet is great! But won’t 1000’s of people yelling, “Ok Glass…” be horribly annoying? It’s bad enough that people bark orders at Siri all day in the train stations or in the office to set up meetings, reminders and whatnot.

Maybe in the future when every person on the planet has one it will be “the norm” and I will have developed the ability to no longer hear the words “Ok Glass” or “Siri”. Until then, I’ll plug-in my headphones and ignore the throngs of rude folks on transit.

As for the doctors using Google Glass, they better not start relying on WebMD or getting lazy!

“Hey Doc, I cut my finger pretty bad, do I need stitches?”

“Let me see, Ok Glass, Picture.” *CLICK*
“OK Glass, upload to client profile 9873320.” *chime*
“Ok Glass, Skip ad.” *ERROR, wait 5 seconds before skipping ad*
–awkward pause–
“Ok Glass, does patient need stitches?” *Suggested articles…*
–Doctor proceeds to take 5-15 minutes to review/read WebMD suggestions–
“oh dear… It could be cancer, there’s a small chance of flesh-eating bacteria as well. Looks like you’ll need a full set of inoculations and vaccinations. There’s also a chance you’ll need some chemotherapy. We’ll give you some penicillin from a local drug trial to tide you over until we can amputate.”

–wide open mouth in shock–

“Ok Glass, create prescription. *for what pharmacy?*
“Ok Glass, give me a list of local pharmacy’s.”

Do you see where this is going, other than a great comedy skit? I would assume that a Doctor is better than this, that they have an understanding of the patient and want to do what’s right, not what’s easiest or gets them a kick back.

Meetings are another thing that could be a mess. 10-30 people in a room all searching something by voice? Everyone trying to beat out the next person for an answer or some way to schmooze the boss. Office politics are bad enough aren’t they? I guess adding technology is inevitable… all hail the NWO.

How about etiquette? Anyone looking at this? Maybe I should get a few peeps together and we’ll create a “manners for the new millennium” manual/book. I mean, everyone has learned (or is learning) that “texting while driving” is bad news. I feel for this next generation, how will they manage. Here’s hoping they can figure it out.

In review/edit of this post/rant, I’m not trying to be negative, but I sure sound like grumpy muppet don’t I? Maybe I’m just bitter because Google didn’t pick me (because I’m a Canadian) to experiment with Glass yet ended up choosing a Canadian. That slightly breaks my heart. *deep sigh* moving along and getting over it… I’m all for Voice. However, when I use my voice commands, they’re done in the privacy of a room by myself, my office, alone in an elevator or in my car. Not in public or groups of people.

Privacy is hard to have, and getting harder to find.

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Win $500 by guest posting contest – Sponsored by Guest Crew | Blogging My Career.

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