Rise of the eSports hero; gaming becomes pro sport

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Watch the video above: Gamer Geoff Robinson joins Global News’ The Morning Show hosts in studio to talk about the competitiveness of online gaming.

TORONTO – Once considered simply a rec room activity for teenage boys, gaming has become a full-fledged sport, complete with its own sport heroes.

For many of those teens who are now grown up – the video game industry is a very real career option, with some making up to $250,000 a year.

Forget the stereotypes of gamers being lonely, pale, slackers.

Stars like gamer Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson, are revered as much as LeBron James and Sidney Crosby.

Robinson took his passion for gaming and turned it into a successful career. He is the team captain for the sponsored gaming group “Evil Geniuses.” His company pulls in 7-figures in revenue, has 40 salaried employees, 15 full-time employees and a headquarters in San Francisco.

Hardly a…

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Potential Fukushima ‘Apocalyptic’ Scenario

Potential Fukushima ‘Apocalyptic’ Scenario

YIKES! Anyone watching the show Revolution could tell you that a world after an apocalyptic event is rough! We may just have an opportunity to experience such an event.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Rods – Fukushima

Tokyo Electric Power Co. plans to start removing nuclear fuel from reactor 4 on November 8th. You see, luckily (maybe?) the valid fuel assemblies were put in the “spent fuel” pool while Reactor 4 was undergoing some maintenance. The mega earthquake hit and caused the other 3 reactors to melt down. Reactor 4 wasn’t making energy so there wasn’t a meltdown there. In any case, it’s still a scary situation no?

The reactor 4 spent-fuel tank currently contains 1,331 spent fuel assemblies and 202 unused ones. This amounts to a radiation equivalent of 14,000 Hiroshima bombs in this spent fuel storage tank perched on the reactor’s upper floor. If Fukushima Unit 4 falls (because of another earthquake), the hazardous radioactive Cesium-137 release could be eight times worse than that of the russian nuclear plant meltdown Chernobyl!

Some have suggested that if there is a mishap, then people should evacuate the Northern Hemisphere!

For more: https://www.commondreams.org/headline/2013/10/24-3

Delete my emails?! Heavens no!

How long do you keep emails? How do you determine if the email is worth keeping? These are just a couple of the many questions I have about inbox management.

What style do you use? Software like Xobni or Active inbox? Maybe a style like Inbox Zero or Aged Archiving? So many options!!

My personal email address/inboxes are handled VERY differently from my business email address/inbox. My personal inbox I just leave alone, primarily because I’ve got multiple accounts (a couple of family/joint email addresses as well) all coming into one email program. I work off of the “read vs unread” idea. if I’ve marked it read I can now ignore it. I don’t delete it though, mainly because I’m not sure if anyone else in the family who might want to read it has seen the email yet.


Now, as for business emails, I struggle when deleting them because I don’t know if I’ll ever need to reference it. You can’t see the future right? We might need to make some sort of “cover our rear” maneuver so that you can keep your job, maybe need to bring up and old email to settle an argument (sometimes it’s better to just agree with the other person to save a relationship) or even repurchase something you’ve bought years ago.


I need your help, random internet people, help me!! As a whole, a hive mind, we should be able to come to some sort of idea on how to manage our emails, no?