Breakfast in bed




Who ACTUALLY enjoys breakfast in bed? Especially with children nearby. Right off the bat, children have very little personal space so their constant touching can be a little overwhelming, especially straight from sleeping. They also wake us up EVERY day of the year and here’s one day that should be a sleep in day and guess what? SURPRISE!!! Not only that, the kids are even a little clumsy so they could, scratch that, they DO quite easily knock over the juice, coffee or milk! THEN we get to deal with the smell/grossness of the mattress for the next 2 weeks as we attempt to disinfect, wash it off!!! And then there are crumbs in the bed…for days. Even after you change the sheets. Next, there’s a good chance that the food is under cooked and loaded with who knows what! To top it all off, it’s probably even cold! Not a five-star meal to say the least.

Then of course there’s the awkward pause as everyone sits staring at the person eating their breakfast in bed, not flattering. The thought is nice, the intent is great but shouldn’t we maybe put a cap on the whole bed breaky bit? Just my two bits…

Man alive, I shouldn’t be so cranky/bitter should I?