Couch surfer win?

I’ve always joked about keeping your heartbeat low. My theory was that everyone has a certain number of heartbeats in their lifetime. When you use them up, your “numbers” up!

Now please know, I am not a certified practitioner in any shape or form nor do I have scientific evidence to back this up. But we do have some discussion and data to consider… back in 1997, Levine, H.J., wrote an editorial called “Rest Heart Rate and Life Expectancy“. Oddly enough, around this time I came up with my hairbrained idea to stay relaxed all your life long. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, “worry doesn’t change a thing”,  you know, “keep it simple silly”!

Here’s an infographic showing heartbeats in mammals.


We’ve seen some amazingly healthy and young people keel over, there was the figure skater who died at 28-year-old (Sergei Grinkov), and then the hockey player for the Dallas Stars (Rich Peverley, 31) who had a heart attack on the bench. Just saying, keep your heartbeat as low as possible, eat right, don’t exercise… live a long life.

Thinking more about it, you can’t get a broken bone watching TV or a concussion from video gaming. You can’t have an asthma attack from reading a book or a knee injury from listening to the radio, can you? If you have, give us the story in the comments.

Stay tranquil you readers…here’s hoping you have the best day yet!