Last night in northern Alberta…

I’ve been in Alberta for a little over a week now, experiencing some great Canadian white north. Tonight I’m at the Tom Goodchild’s Moose Factory which appears to be quite posh in most corners of this sawmill turned restaurant.


There’s a hustle and bustle about the place as there are a dozen or more servers doing their best to wrangle wild Albertan customers and curious visitors like myself.

I’ve started with some short rib perogies, which smell fantastic!


The perogies are nothing special but the yogurt dressing for dipping on the side and the corn with ham chowder like topping is delicious! For $12.95, they’re a little stingy on the short rib, even if it really is fantastically flavoured and braised in house.

For the main course I’m going to try a Rib Cut “experience”. It’s Certified Angus Beef from Alberta itself! The formal menu title is the CAB Prime Rib Chop.


Initial thoughts? Looks delicious, smells delightful! Cutting into the meal, the carrots are a little too firm for my fancy palette but the broccoli is good enough. The red skin mashed potatoes are very buttery, creamy and smooth. Good stuff!

Now, for the steak!

I’ve ordered medium rare, which seems slightly more rare than medium. As I work my way through the meat (which is quite well spiced on top I may add) , the closer I get to the bone, the more rare it is. Interestingly enough, as I’m writing this sentence, a manger type looking fellow arrives to inquire about my cut of steak. I casually comment that it was very good but slightly more rare than I wanted. He was more than eager to take my steak back to the grill for a few more minutes. I trust the chef will not be offended and add “extra seasoning” if you catch my drift.

Time passes…

My steak returns and it is done to perfection! It really is a nicely marbled cut of beef. Is it rude to chew the meat off the bone?

There are desserts, of course and no formal meal review would be complete without a dessert. Therefore I will choose… an ice cream sandwich.

Not your average run of the sawmill style though (see what I did there?) but a “skillet baked chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean gelato, caramel sauce and whipped cream. ”

It has arrived and does look the part!


As stellar as it looks, the cookies are not directly from the oven, nor are they skillet baked. If anything they are skillet warmed, in fact they seem to be the hard store bought style. And the whip cream is missing. I will say though, the vanilla gelato is great!

The service I received was good, no great really! I left the cookies on the plate and my server brought me one more scoop of vanilla bean gelato to make up for the hardness of the cookies.

On a final note, to the waitresses and hostesses, please… wear skirts you’re comfortable in and don’t have to keep pulling down every eight steps.

All in all the meal was a pleasant experience. But with the cost, may not come again… unless I win the lottery and happen to be way up here again of course.

Now, better hit the exercise machines to cover todays caloric overload!

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Where’s our technology?

Part 1!

It’s the year 2015, Marty McFly has already visited this year back in 1985. If you weren’t aware of that, his visit/trip is documented in Back To The Future II.

With that being said, we’re missing out on some of the technology that he had observed.Why is that? Wait a minute… we’re in the WRONG TIMELINE! Our time line has been corrupted and that’s why we’re missing out on fantastic technology!

For instance, the hover-board! Last year there seemed to be a little push to get this technology figured out. Using magnetism, there was a proto-type created! Watch it! did you watch it? Did you see it was TONY HAWK, the world famous skateboard master!!!!

[[[ SPOILER ALERT!!!! STOP READING HERE AND WATCH THE VIDEO! If you’re not going to watch the video, you may keep reading! ]]]

Did you also hear Tony apologize for the prank? Yup, a prank.Not enough magnetism in the earth to hover a board on it’s own I guess… what if they used sound?! Maybe Acoustic Levitation is the answer? Here’s a video showing acoustic levitation in a 3-D space.

Now why don’t we have any of The Jetson’s style technology? A robot to do our medial tasks, video phones at every corner, moving walkways EVERYWHERE and hover cars!! Check out my technology blog post part 2 for that!!!