Here we be in Nanaimo BC!

The adventure to the Dinghy Dock starts in “the waiting room” which is a small, old/retired fishing trawler. The actual ferry leaves every hour at ten past from here. We wait…

Then the terminal fills up and it doesn’t look like there will be room. Oh well, off to Ginas Mexican Restaurant (link to Yelp here!).

But that’s not actually why I’m posting this. Nay, tis because of Pirate Chips! Yarrr! We spotted this little place the other night and was so interested in the way it looked we had to try it. The decor is very pirate-y! There are ships and fish, old looking pictures and skeletons! No shortage of bones hanging about in nets and off of lights.

The menu, wild selection. Everything from deep fried pickles & mushrooms to fish/oyster burgers & vegetarian chili! There are a wide variety of seafood options like fish (cod, halibut and wild salmon) oysters, shrimp, clams, prawns and scallops.

The desserts are dangerous!! Keep reading for more on that.

I’ve ordered the poutine with Dr. Pepper pulled pork! Ya, Dr. Pepper pulled pork!! It arrives, smells good looks good. Loaded with chipotle mayo, the pulled pork and chives with some cheese curds mixed in. Must be made from Canadian Dr. Pepper because it’s not as sweet as I was hoping. Still quite good though.

The mussels and clams, good. Say, a 3.5 out of 5. It’s a huge plate of them so that’s great! Did I mention there’s tons that is deep fried?! Even the…

DESSERTS!! We’ve ordered the deep fried Nanaimo bar and the Oreo treat (deep fried Oreos mixed with fudge!) WHAAAAAT?!?!

It’s pretty ridiculous! That white stuff, in the middle of an Oreo is super delicious when it’s warm and melted! The Nanaimo bar? Equally delicious melted. Smokin George’s here in town has Nanaimo bars with bacon in them!! Oh yeah! The blonde bar is better in my opinion, they were having a contest/vote when we were there. We’ll see which one wins in the end! But I be digressing, back to pirate chips!!

The desserts did take a while to show up at the table though, a little to long in my opinion but the prices were reasonable for the experience.


Don Diego – my Terrace Mexican friend. We’re so far up north you’d think it would be hard to find some good authentic style Mexican so far from the border. ‘Tis not my friend! You may take my word for it!!

First impressions of this place is that it’s a cute little 40 seater spot in downtown Terrace, BC. It’s recommended that you make reservations, it’ll fill up fast! Prices are reasonable, a fantastic mom & pop style diner with quality grub. The menu changes nightly and is all freshly made to order from scratch.

2015-04-13 18.25.04
The Menu, this night.

The atmosphere is welcoming and fairly warm (even though the walls are grey), most of the artwork on the walls is for sale. Everyone gets chips served with a fresh, cilantro rich pico de gallo. They offer a wide variety of hot sauces as well, my favorite here is the smoky hickory hot sauce, mmmm. Almost as good as that Chipotle Molasses BBQ sauce I had once… I should find that one again.

2015-04-13 18.28.112015-04-13 18.49.19

I have chosen to have the BBQ pork enchiladas while my cohort has chosen the crab stuffed chicken.

The meals arrive… the presentation is very good. I’ve tricked my partner tonight into sharing. We’ve traded a half crab stuffed chicken for a bbq pork enchilada, sucker.

Delicious phil-lo wrapped, crab stuffed chicken and BBQ pork enchilladas.

The beans are standard baked beans but far better than Stagg or whatever store/canned beans you may have had recently. The rice is done just right as well, not to dry and not to moist. The enchiladas are very good, not as barbiequey as I’d expect but still, very good. However… this crab stuffed chicken… it is ridiculously amazing!!! The whole thing is wrapped in filo pastry and done to perfection! It was so good that I left it to eat last because that was the last thing I wanted to taste for dinner. 

Dessert – A peanut butter chocolate pie on a graham cracker crust and a Mexican chocolate cheesecake on a pecan crust, both crusts made in house. Both were delicious!

Peanut Butter Pie with a graham cracker crust and a Mexican Chocolate Cheesecake with a pecan crust.

Kaitlyn, our server, did a great job of managing us, two unruly patrons (well, I guess I was the problem to several people in the  and my table mate was fine the whole time). I asked, no harassed, several fellow patrons about their meals and desserts. In any case kudos to her!

This meal was so good, we’re making reservations for tomorrow!!


We had the chicken enchillada (WAY better than the pork version) and the crab stuffed chicken Filo again, because you can’t be that taste!

For dessert we had the White Chocolate-Raspberry Creme Brule and the San Francisco Foggie! The Creme Brule had a nice thin crust on top that was sweet but not over done. As for the San Fran Foggie, it was delicious with the warm fudge/chocolate poured overtop the hand whipped cream and vanilla ice cream topping! The shaved almonds were a nice touch as well! Once again, well done Don Diego’s, worth the visit.

White Chocolate-Raspberry Creme Brule and the San Francisco Foggie!
                                White Chocolate-Raspberry Creme Brule and the San Francisco Foggie!