The Sovereign Room

Next foodie stop in T-Bay, The Sovereign Room!! Thunderous lightening flashes, this place is packed!!  I got the second to last table. It’s hopping and it’s already 8pm here!

This place has spiral staircase as you enter and a turntable just around the corner, hip beats happen here I imagine!! The washroom is downstairs, underneath that spiral staircase. Not child friendly though.

2015-07-08 20.22.13

I order water, as always, and in at my table comes a wine bottle, of water!! Great idea! Good reuse of bottles. The bottle stays at my table for my personal use the whole meal as well. Abby, my server, looks after me well tonight, she arrives at just the right times to clear my plates and refill my glass.

2015-07-08 20.25.11

There’s a duck poutine that I have to try apparently, so I’m on board for that. I asked my server and she informs me it’s a big bowl rather than an appetizer size dish. 

My poutine arrives, first bite is… exactly what the best poutine in Canada must taste like!!  It’s what all Americans must try when a Canadian friend says, “you’ve never had a poutine!?!? You gotta try one!” Seriously good! Great job representing a Canadian icon/classic. 

It’s covered in Thunder Oak Gouda curds with shredded duck and drenched in an SOV gravy!! I’m assuming SOV stands for sovereign. It is some great gravy!

2015-07-08 20.38.35

I’ve also ordered a pound of the chipotle Apple BBQ chicken wings. If they’re half as good as this poutine, they’ll be fantastic! It comes with a cucumber salad and house made ‘ranch, it says. 

This place has some fancy sounding pizzas, like prosciutto and fig, pancetta and goat cheese or mushroom and asparagus. Not kids flavours but they can do it if you ask of course!

I finish my water and the wings arrive! They smell great and the steam indicated fresh & hot! 

2015-07-08 20.56.10

The cucumber salad turned out to be more of an onion salad. The ranch was ok but should be classified more as a creamy wing dip because (other than colour) it doesn’t remind me of ranch. 

The Chipotle Apple BBQ is waaaay more sweet than I was expecting. It’s more of a BBQ Apple BBQ and maybe a tinge of chipotle sauce. Although there is some nice spice to it though, because I can still feel it after my table has been cleared off. 

They don’t do dessert here!! I guess I better go to the Naxos for their sizzling Apple pie!

All in all, a good experience! Next time I’ll do a pizza!


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