Tomlin T-Bay

Tonight I go to Tomlin. There’s something about these taster plates places here in Thunder Bay, the Sovereign Room, Uptown Cut and now here at Tomlin.

Their washrooms are pretty good. Three individual water closets to choose from. High quality paper towels to dry off with! Be responsible, take only one!

2015-07-09 22.19.20
The main entrance, from the street. The dining room area in the back, the wine closet, and the view behind the bar.

I’ve ordered Squid Ink Gnocchi! Old school Italian tappa dyed black with squid ink. Wild! I’ll appetizer that with a cured meat board.

The meat board arrives, the server gives me the low down. It’s kind of loud so I hear the following words; deep fried head cheese, in house made mustard, a meat with peaches & bourbon, beer sausage, homemade bread, gerkins and one of the meats has walnuts in it!

Super tasty meats. The bread is stellar also!

Tom, the bartender tonight looks after me well. He’s filled my water a couple times already with out me asking! Always a good sign. 🙂

Here’s the squid ink gnocchi. Sure is dark… Smells great in an oregano, garlic and tomato base with buttered breadcrumbs on top. Surprisingly enough (and maybe it’s a good thing) squid ink doesn’t seem to have any flavour.

The sauce has a little bit of kick to it but it’s not overpowering. The garlic chunks are pretty big though. I would have liked them smaller. Still quite good though.

2015-07-09 22.06.34

Fun fact, I got a rogue macaroni noodle in with my gnocchi. Not sure what that means…did I win my meal? Turns out I did! The chef (clearly a high class guy who doesn’t take any guff) wasn’t ok charging for the gnocchi due to this noodle. In all honesty, that really impressed me!

I’d come again, for sure!


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