La Chaumiere in Timmins

This is a fun place. It’s orange and wood all over. They still have a pay phone at the front door even!

2015-08-11 17.27.31I had poutine bites as an appetizer and they were fantastic! It seemed to be a cheese curd coated in gravy then in a tater tot style deep fried coating! With gravy on the side for dipping! Be still my beating heart (from a heart attack of deliciousness)!

2015-08-11 17.43.16

For my meal I’m taking on the Big B Burger with a Quebec Poutine! My table mate is having the Big B Burger with spiral fries (similar to the pig tales from Lovey’s BBQ in Winnipeg). The burger is really good! Still juicy, not overdone or too dry. The poutine is good, but still doesn’t match the poutine I had in Thunder Bay, best gravy ever! Anyway…

For dessert we had a Poor man’s Pudding Cake (aka Pouding Chomeur) and a chocolate lava cake (with white chocolate inside). The Pouding Chomeur was a white cake covered with a yellow pudding and ice cream.

2015-08-11 18.06.08

This is definitely one of those small “mom and pop” owned businesses. Apparently it’s been around for sixty some odd years and has had a few different owners. Luckily the great taste has stuck around. It’s for sure worth a visit!


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