Touro Brazillian BBQ

2015-08-18 19.08.27

My first time at a Brazilian BBQ. Our server told me that “the first time is the best time!”  He wasn’t kidding! It was a great experience. Here’s the low down… You come in and have a seat, there are a set of tongs at your place sitting so that you can grab the meat from the skewer as they cut it off for you. 2015-08-18 19.10.43

They bring out a small appetizer plate with some cheese bread, youka and then deep fried bananas.

There is a huge salad bar of sorts loaded with a wide variety of “starters”. From Chinese ginger chicken to tortilla chips, Greek salad to quinoa salads. Plenty to start with.

There are 12 meats that roam around the room (on giant skewers). The skewer bearer stops at your table and asks if you’d like a slice, yes pleas and just like that a slab of meat is deposited on your plate.

They had great sized cuts here, my plate was only bare once, and only for a few seconds! We tasted every singles at they offer. Great meal! When you finally flip you card from green (more meat please) to red (I can’t handle any more awesome!) they bring you a slice of grilled pineapple that has been covered with a cinnamon sugar dry rub. Fantastic conclusion!


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