Starflight – What was Starflight?  “A computer game for the IBM PC developed by Binary Systems which started development in 1983, and was released in 1986 “after 15 man years” (which really is 3 years for 5 people or 1 year for 15 people) for the cutting edge video technologies of the time, namely black-and-white, Hercules monochrome, composite TV, 4-color CGA, and 16 color Tandy graphics. Later a second version was released with EGA graphics support and versions were ported to the C64, Amiga, Atari ST and the Sega Genesis platforms!


MainStarflight was a classic spaceship adventure game from the 1980’s it took years of development to build a system that generated a procedural universe with fractal planets. You had to manage your crew, gather resources upgrade your ship and many other things, but in all the procedural content there was an actual story with a threat to the galaxy, alien races vying for supremacy or allying themselves for protection.

So, what was so great about it? A couple things, the first was the fact that you could land on any planet (you would choose your landing spot from orbit also). Then you’d take your little ATV out and find precious metals and/or alien artifacts. You’d bring those back to your ship (make sure you had enough fuel to do the round trip back to your ship), then sell them at the nearest space port for profit.


In this same space port you could hire personnel, either Humans (Arthlings), Thryn (Kangaroo like), Elowan (Plant forms), Velox (insect) or Androids (robots).


Once your ship was full of crew, you could fly around space to various planets. You’d approach the planet, enter orbit, choose a landing zone (based on terrain & atmosphere) and then send out the ATV to gather resources! This was one of my favourite things in the game.

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You would be able to setup your ship with higher class weaponry, armour, engines and more!

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Now, while you’re out flying about from planet to planet you can bump into a variety of races, both passive & aggressive.


Great game! I really hope StarSector turns out to be the next StarFlight!


If you’d like to know more about StarFlight, this link has some really great detail!