Well, we’re on the countdown… I’ve been doing all kinds of research on what we should do while we’re in LA. Of course, the whole reason we’re going is for DISNEYLAND and CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE PARK! AWW YES!!

Mousesaver.com has LOTS of great tips and suggestions along with discounted prices (I think they’re discounted anyway).

With all this looking around, we found some fun things we’re going to look for at Disneyland, for example:

  1. treasure/discovery island
  2. the hidden Mickey’s
  3. the second floor windows on MainStreet USA

Then there’s the rides, we looked long and hard to decide which ones we REALLY wanted to ride, list is being constructed by the yougens

BUT I decided that since this is LITERALLY a once in a lifetime trip for my family (big family and all) we’ll get shirts to commemorate the event!

And we’ll need a new camera, of course! Can’t take “mediocre” photos on a 6 year old camera can we? No way! Memories are worth more than that! More info to come on each of these as plans start to solidify!