Disneyland vacation – Preparations

Well, the countdown is on… there are only 5 weeks until travel day! Preparations are underway. We are taking walks as a family around the block more and more to strengthen our legs and get our cardio up! Maybe it’s not doing anything, but at least we’re haning out as a family! 🙂

As the father (who undoubtedly will become a packhorse) I’ve begun a 30 day pushup challenge, hoping to strengthen my muscles and core so I can…

a) look super handsome
b) carry more without dying

No packing yet but much discussion about the variety of activities we’ll want to do… and there are ALOT of them. I’m a little concerned that I’ll turn into a drill sergeant and demand that we hurry to the next event/activity and miss out on enjoying the moment… knowing this I hope to be diligent and NOT be “that guy”… I’ll let you know how that works out!

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