We’re going nuts, waiting for the day to come. We are still in the planning phase and the next 4 weeks will soar¬†by! I’m sure of it, and on that travel day… we won’t feel prepared… I’m sure of that also…


tl;dr (LIFE LESSON) – Most everyone seems to be trying to sell you something, you can’t trust anyone, they’ll tell you anything to make a sale. ūüė¶

Hotel booking…

Well, I’ve called¬†four hotel chains and checked with three other online third party sites. What I found out is… nothing is made for my “big” family. There are six of us, the cheap hotels ($81-ish a night) can only sleep four… two rooms equals, well, just get a suite somewhere!

First hotel call, was great, spoke with Tina, very nice, had a strange phone connection with a delay so we would awkwardly talk over each other and then both wait for each other to talk and end up talking over each other… over and over…

The second call to a different chain, choppy and loaded with a digital warble. in fuzzy broken static said I’d call back. I did and I got a great connection this time! Problem was… occupancy is only four so we need two rooms, no suites at this location. NEXT!

My third call, I spoke with a gal named Jennifer and all was well… felt a little pressured to book but decided to ask if we could put everything on “hold” until I figured out the final budget. She was nice enough to put it on a 24-hour hold for me without taking any credit card info etc. I felt better about that, then she asked if, after our call, I could do a [word that didn’t make sense to me goes here] and it would only take 90 seconds. I thought was going to be a service survey so I agreed. Instead, it was a “fantastic deal” to visit one of 12 new resort like hotels! The deal was almost too good to pass up but after 37 minutes of discussion and a 10-minute hold, while I talked it over with my wife, I said we couldn’t do it. The fellow on the other endo f the line said that most people who take this much time don’t end up saying no and asked if I was stringing him along. Of¬†course¬†I wasn’t! ¬†(PS- I’m not your ‘normal/average’ person!) I said I appreciated his professionalism and wished him a good day to which he responded woefully, “the feeling is mutual” and hung up! I didn’t even get to use the word “bye”! BUt back to stringing him along…

My fourth call to yet another chain was alright, I’m getting a better feel for how things work and what prices are right and/or make sense to consider. After this one (I ended up booking this stay) there was another, what I thought was another survey, but was some other fellow who laid down almost the exact same deal as the last guy! This time I was more forceful with my “NO” because my wife says I’m too patient and polite, blasted Canadian heritage! he kept offering more and more until I finally¬†You wouldn’t take NO for an answer but kept¬†sweetening the “today only/live deal” each time I said no. Just give me the absolute best, right off the bat, I’ll think about that and then give you an answer… saves us all a bunch of time.

Rental car…

The first call, went ahead and booked it because it seemed like a crazy good deal anyway and it’s with a car rental company that my 9-5 job uses regularly so they must be the best, right?

Second call:

Robot lady: thanks for calling, Say ‘go back’ to go back a step. Tell me where you want to pick up your rental car?
Me: Los Angeles
Robot lady: From the airport?
Me: no
Robot lady:  Alright, there are 5 other locations. To pick up at (GIANT LONG ADDRESS) say one. To pick up from (ANOTHER GIANT LONG ADDRESS) say two.
Me: Go back
Robot lady: Okay, From the airport?
Me: Go back
Robot lady: it sounds like you’re having trouble, did you want to speak with a representative?
Me: No, go back… I want to pick up from Anaheim
Robot lady: Okay, From the airport?
Me: No, Anaheim.
Robot lady: it sounds like you’re having trouble, did you want to speak with a representative?
Me: fine.
Robot lady: it sounds like you’re having trouble, please hold for a representative.
Me: fine.

A short while later I get to speak with a fellow who pleasantly asks a million questions about what I need for a rental (which near the beginning I mention that I want to use Aeroplan(R) points for my rental) then proceeds to price out a car rental for me.

pay on location pay $319.06 for four days
pay on the phone, only $304.02.

Great! Oh, wait… I called so I could PAY with my points… Ah, that’s a different phone number. Of course. No sweat, what’s another phone call right? To be continued… I’ml too tired to continue the calling.

Besides, I pay only 3.5 cents per minute in in North America through YAK long distance! (PS – not a sponsored comment, that’s just a legit appreciation for cheap long distance rates!)