Well, we’ve arrived in LA, California! What a long day of travel yesterday. Early wake up for everyone… we started the day at 3:30 in the morning, which wasn’t all that bad actually. I mean, we’re going to Disneyland, right?


The flight from our Okanagan Valley to Vancouver was on a prop plane that wasn’t very full. There were enough people on board that we couldn’t each have our own seat but, as a family, we sat together which was nice. But from Vancouver to LAX was another story!

The flight company we used (Ai r Can ada) over sold their flight so they were asking for 4 or 5 people to take another flight that routed through Denver and got you to LAX at 6:45 PM instead of 2 PM. They also offered $400 a person travel credit which turned into $800 cash per person when they could only find 2 takers.

In any case, we eventually got onto our plane (which, of course, was SUPER full) and ended up sitting in 2 rows of three rather than a group of six. Not the best seating arrangement but definitely not the worst.

Once in LAX we got off our plane, ran into an old acquaintance from high school, and proceeded to the baggage claim. Oddly enough, we started down an escalator and into a long windowless (and ad/poster free) tunnel. We were joined by two pilots and no one else! Where had we ended up? I asked the two pilots who said we’d found a little-known hall to get to the baggage claim that not many people (except for pilots) use. This was a great find as we literally walked right out of the tunnel and up to the luggage carousel which had spit out our luggage almost immediately when we got there.

Because of this sneaky tunnel, we saw very few people and didn’t see any celebrities (nor were we recognized as the celebrities we are! J *wink*).


After our first brief wait in line in LA, we were onto a SuperBlue Shuttle and off to our hotel! In true Los Angeles style, the road was packed, bumper to bumper. Our driver was good, weaving in and out of traffic to get to our destination in a timely fashion. We even drove by a three car accident.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we checked in and listened to the “welcome” message from the host/concierge and went up to our room… which wasn’t ready yet. The door was propped open and there were some dirty dishes and a clipboard on the counter. I left my family there in the hall and headed back down to the front counter to inquire about the situation with the room and we were promptly moved to another room with an apology. The room is nice, a very good size for a family of four however for a family of six, a little tight but it turned out to work just fine. Everyone had a bed to sleep in and we managed not too badly with only one bathroom (although we had to leave the shower/toilet unlocked so others could use it if needed during showers). All we really needed was a place to eat breakfast and sleep anyway. Remember, the trip is about family experience/memories rather than hotel stays!

After we unpacked a little we decided eating food was in order so off we walked down the road to get some Subway although, before we could see a Subway we saw the Cheesecake Factory, which we promptly walked in and asked about the wait time. Amazingly enough, the lineup was super short and we made it to a table within 20 minutes. What a delicious meal we had that night, which was concluded with some amazing cheesecake (of course!). We had a slice of Oreo Dream Extreme and one Chocolate mousse (which had our eldest daughters name written on the plate with chocolate syrup because it was her birthday. It was time to get an Uber for some groceries! We hit up Vons and filled up on the basics. AND, of course, Henry Wienhards root beer, have you had this stuff? Best root beer on the planet! No lies!

Stay tuned, more to come!