Test the Energy

So, I don’t want to over think this test the energy follow-up from the last post Are We Just Energy, but I do not want to look back and have it seem pointless. The idea is to see if ideas of reality like those put forth in The Secret and like information are accurate or just hyped material to make sales on those of us seeking answers.

At the end of the last post I stated I would come up with some basic rules to help test if we are just energy. It has to do with trying to measure intention based on results in reality. An obvious one would be to come up with a statement you would like to be true and think it as real, like this thing happens all the time and is as normal in my reality as my next breath. I will make mine 10 dollars a day coming into my life unexpected. I will start to expect that 10 bucks will start to show up every day. I can measure this and it is not beyond the reality of my current existence.

Every day I will spend an early part of my day visualizing this money flying into my hand. I will see the money from previous days piled up in my hands because it is an ordinary occurrence. I will give my self time to work on getting into this routine, say about two weeks and then I hope to start seeing some form of result. I’ll give it a couple of months after that of focused intent to see if my thoughts are actually creating something like this into reality. I will post an update once in a while and when completed I’ll present any evidence I have discovered. Hopefully by then I will be thinking of hundred-dollar bills flying into my hand, but I’ll start with 10.

I hope others will look at this as a chance to challenge reality and test the energy. Thanks for your time.

Enjoy your day. RT of the bitk.

Another year…

So it would appear that the year 2012 is upon us, how fast did that happen?! This last year was such a blur for the Bros In the Know! It was particularly busy as we started! September we came to be and are slowly growing/adjusting out direction!

Now we don’t have any “new year resolutions” per say however we’ve come to the conclusion that resolutions fail more often than not. So if we were “forced” to have some resolutions, these would be them:

1. Make less money
2. Gain more weight
3. Loose popularity

We’d love more input from you, the readers(viewers, participants, etc.) so keep your comments and suggestions coming! Email us as TheBitK@gmail.com or BrosInTheKnow@gmail.com. Thanks again and may your year be as successful as ours will be!