The Great Pork Shortage Of 2012

So, here’s a conspiracy for you!!! Lets say that pork sales are down, what can you do to increase those? Supply and demand rules would state that there needs to be a shortage! What do we have? A pork shortage! So, go buy your bacon (Canadian, back, etc.) and all other pork products* so that the pork folks can laugh all the way to the bank! We’ll all see in a few months that perhaps there was no pork shortage after all  Unless there was some bacteria found in a processing plant, then we’d really have a problem!


*Pork Products include but are not limited to:
Ham, Chops, Bacon, Hock, Loin, Butt (he he…butt), Roast, Prosciutto, Canadian, Back, Kevin.

We'll be part of Battle at Beaver Creek!

Battle at Beaver Creek (BaBC) is an independent sci-fi film being made in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. It’s really quite an interesting plot! Lots of conspiracy theory stuff and deep philosophical points. To keep up to date with the developments on the film, check out: This will be exciting to say the least! 🙂

Battle at Beaver Creek is an independent science fiction film currently in production in [British Columbia].

This is a shooting location of a large battle!